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Kimmo Kauko is a Swedish/Finnish fine art photographer, photojounalist, filmmaker, and art curator. He was born in Marsta, Sweden in 1980. Kauko has been a cinephile since early adolescence. Fascinated by films from all over the world and especially Asian cinema, he migrated to Asia in the early 2000s to pursue a deeper understanding of these works. Since 2012 he has focused on photography, encouraged by an emerging art scene in his home base Bangkok, Thailand. Local art venues and galleries like Zoo, Speedy Grandma and Jam provided a platform for experimentation and connection. Kauko embraced the opportunity to expand his vision, curating many art exhibitions, and music and film events.


Kauko’s provocative work harkens back to a mysterious past where sensuality exists in the shadows. He hints at hidden narratives, often offering vignettes of eroticism, beauty and mystery.


His photographs are part of private, and museum collections.

Solo Exhibitions


2016 December, ‘Temptations’, The Friese-Greene Club, Bangkok.

2017 April, ‘___Was Here’, Jam, Bangkok.

2018 January, ‘After Dark’, The Friese-Greene Club, Bangkok.

2018 December, ‘How ‘Ye Doing?’, Jam, Bangkok.

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